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OK -
So I've modded the front of my G3 case with some blue EL cable. MMmm. Glowing.
(It's pretty nice - there's a little channel perfect for routing the cable in - just need a dremel to widen the channel at a couple of points near the upper drive bay)
I'm going to mod the side panels next - just wanted some guidance on getting them off first! Don't want to force anything and snap clips etc.
Of course the little allen bolts come out nice and easily... but the panels still sit there and like I said, I don't just want to yank them off.

Any tips?

Will put pics up when I'm done. Smile


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Gotta Ask.... what kind of G3

Gotta Ask.... what kind of G3 case are you working with? B&W, Beige Tower, Beige Desktop, iBook etc. etc...

Sounds like a tower of sorts... can't wait to see picts.



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G3 Case is....

I'm playing with a B&W 400Mhz Rev A G3, 9Gb UltraSCSI spec machine that's previously enjoyed life at a publishing who never did anything to it, not even upgrade the poor 128Mb RAM.

Those days are over however. Already another 256Mb have gone in, and I found an 4Gb IDE drive thats gone in. And the glowing front also.
I now have another 20ft of blue EL to go in somewhere. Toying with an LED in the handles & logo too. We'll see.

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