Freestyle Mac tablet

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Somebody buy this and send me pictures! Smile

Assistive Technology Freestyle on eBay



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Holy cow that is cool! if i h

Holy cow that is cool! if i had $200 to waste i sure as heck would buy it Smile


Oh, Hazel, look. The field! It's covered in blood

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This guy picked up a handful of these from a school clearing out it's old computers. He asked about them on the LEM PowerBooks list and a few of us responded. I also sent an offer off list to buy one. A few days later he posted them for sale on the LEM Swap List. Many of us (myself included) sent him offers to buy them. He replied to the list the next day claiming he'd received offers up to $500 and would take a week to do more research then post again. *cough* (blatently trying to increase the offer amount)

Well, after a week, I emailed him privately to ask if he'd sell one or not. The next day he reposted to the swap list saying he only had one left. He'd supposedly traded the others (how many he had, I don't know) to a better cause. The day after, he posted again claiming to have traded one to a person close by with an offer he couldn't refuse.

Well, imagine my surprise to see one on eBay! Sad He is the seller - he lives in Athens, GA. And that's him in the pics.

Go here for more pics:

Sorry if I sound a bit bitter. I was more than kind in my offer to buy, and made it very obvious that I was open to negotiation. Unfortunately, he never replied.

I'd LOVE to get one of these for my 5300 collection. I've been looking for one since 1998. But no doubt that rat Jococco will snipe us all.

FWIW, this thing isn't unique. Assitive Tech also made a model called the Gemini. It was based on the iBook (first gen - toilet seat) and came in three colors - blue, orange, or graphite (for iBook SE). Of course, it had all the iBook bells and whistles - a G3, USB, etc.

He claims it's based on the PenLite project, but I'm not at all convinced. PenLite was an Apple baby. This thing is strictly 3rd party, and it's basically just a re-cased 5300c with stereo speakers and a CD-ROM grafted on. I can guaranty that the motherboard is a stock 5300 motherboard - you can tell from the picks that the case is just a big plastic shell. Even the port arangement is exactly the same as a 5300. There's really nothing _too_ special here, just some extra effort (and WEIGHT!) put into making a bigger case and touch-screen add-on to a 5300.



Read the 5300 FAQ:
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Freestyle B*stard is HERE!!! :-P

It's me, the aforementioned Freestyle owner...

Hello there Drew, and everyone else...

Drew, I thought I did respond to you -- indeed everyone interested -- when I informed the Swap List that I had blown out my inventory.

I originally obtained the Freestyles as an idea I had to expand a computer lab at a non-profit computer place I volunteer for in GA. But when my friend offered me several AIOs(!) for my inventory, I would have been a fool NOT to take that offer....

Anyway, as it turns out, I have one left, and I am busy trying to modify it into a "super freestyle" by putting a 5300ce/117mhz mobo in it (to replace the stock 100mhz 5300) and the most RAM I can.

If interested I will keep y'all informed...


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