Blue Light mod for Logitech Mouse

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Although the title pretty much sums it up, here goes.

I have this USB Logitech Optical mouse. I wish to change the red light in it to a blue one. I'll probably paint a portion of the mouse blue as well. I was just wanting to know if anyone has done this before on this particular mouse. If so, I'd like to know what parts I need and such.


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Here's a few places to start

Logan Tong

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ive actualy done it for the a

ive actualy done it for the apple pro was a breeze..once i got the parts it was a matter of an hour to do the work,

A. The LED...the standard they have chosen is red becuase it shows contours the best..or so i have been told..yet any colour will work. The LED is going to be the hardest thing for you to i settled with a 3000 MCD LED..but im wishing now i would have gone bright ( it was the only one i could find in town ) you can get brighter like 4000-5000mcd i would suggest..but i could only find them on ebay in packs of 25-100 min for orders so that was kinda out of the question.

B. each mouse is going to be a lil tougher to get apart..i think the apple being the worse the logictech one should be to bad..i took my microsoft one part with 1 screw in 5 mins..where as the apple on took about 30 mins of pondering

C. get a good soldering iron i guess is the only other bit of information

here is a link to another forum page with pics of my mouse also about 2 entries below i have also posted the link for the take apart instructions for the apple pro mouse.

any other questions id be more than happy to field but im sure there are others that know more than me being a newbie

cheers...hope it turns out well Smile

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Guide and LEDs

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Been there...

Done that, easy as pie and works like a charm.

The Logitech model I have is the plain-Jane two-button & scroll wheel.

I de-soldered the red led, and installed a white one (well, it's called white, but it's more a mostly-white with purple-blue highlights).

No extra resistors, etc. and it's been running fine for months.

The only change I made was to put some black electrical tape around part of the LED because it's so stinkin' bright compared to the original red one. Now it shines through the blue case plastic as a subtle purpley-blue. Verra nice.


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