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Hey all,

Just got off the phone with T-Mobile after having problems with my third Motorola T720i. The first randomly crashed while in the middle of a call, the second also crashed and its external screen backlight didn't work, and now the third's buttons don't work. Lo and behold, they have a lemon policy where they'll switch you out to a completely different, new phone after three swaps, so in the mail I have coming a new Motorola V300.

So the moral of the story here? Stay away from Motorola T720 and T722 phones, but T-Mobile is great.


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I've heard T-Mobile is pretty

I've heard T-Mobile is pretty good, but that depends highly upon where you live, in my experience. My roommate had T-Mobile for a while, and had to give it up because the coverage in CT just plain sucks. It's a shame, too, cuz they seem to have a pretty good deal going.


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