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1. I think I've finished the AB mod for 640x480, but now I've got a cable disconnected from my video board - I don't remember disconnecting it and I don't see anywhere it can go. View photo of the rear of my CC here:


See the pink-ended cable? Does anyone know where it goes?

2. Do the instructions for the AB mod really mean that we should isolate BOTH pins 20 and 25? These cuts are nearly impossible to make with a dremel. One wrong move and your AB is toast! (yeah, I don't have the jumper, so the other alternative is not an option).


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Ground wire

If you look at your photo...just behind that cluster of white wires going up to the CRT, you can see on the analogue board a little metal tab sticking up on the metal shielding. That's where your spare connector goes. It's a boring ol' ground wire.

And yes, for the no-J78 VGA mod, isolating pins 20 and 25 is necessary (unless you modify the harness or your logic board instead).

I used a dremel and lived through it, but an alternative would be small file or scribing tool, or even using the backside of an X-acto blade to cut the connection.


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Mod Wiring Harness instead

I ruined a CC analog board trying to modify the sense lines via isolation and soldering. I swapped in a new analog board, and then modified the sense wires on the wiring harness instead of the sense lines on the analog board. Much easier, took about 5 minutes and was foolproof.

My $.02.


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I guess I've really screwed u

I guess I've really screwed up, then, because I have finished the AB instructions that were posted on the web and when I start up, I get chimes, HD spinup, but absolutely no video - just black.

It's too bad I didn't know about the wiring option - might've saved an analog board on what was a perfectly operating Color Classic.

Folks, should I just throw the whole thing away or spend $100 on an analog board? Thanks

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Analog board source?

Since I think I fried mine, does anyone know where I can buy one?