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i would like to write an apple script that says a message like "hello Mr. whatever" when i login to my account. my computer is a powerbook g4 and it only has one account on it. i have root on the system. however i do not know the first thing about applescript. i am trying to learn and would like any ideas on any good applescript books for beginners you may have.




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Here ya go!

Open up Script Editor, type in this:
tell application "Finder"
say "whatever you wanna say here"
end tell

Hit "Compile" and then "Run" to test it. If it works, do a Save as... and pick "Application" from the drop-down menu. Give it a name and save it somewhere like your Documents folder.

Open up System Preferences from the Apple Menu and click on "Accounts" and then the "Startup Items" tab. Clcik the plus sign at the bottom, find your script in your Documents folder and hit "Add." Next time you log in, it should say whatever you put in the place of "whatever you wanna say here."

Applescript is pretty cool. You can do a lot with it, that's for sure. I'll post some links to some info on it soon.


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