AppleII newbie need help!

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As i'm a newbie of appleii,I have great trouble when emulating it on pc platform.
I want to ask:
Do appleii need a hard disk?
why applewin don't recognize hd(seems can only emulate 2 floppy drive)?

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A2 Emulation/PC

1. Am not really sure here as to what your problems
are specifically.

2. No, an Apple IIe doesn't need a hard disk, but it
is a helpful addition for mass storage and launching
programs. The original Apple IIe's had 2 floppy drives
and a cassette tape interface on the main board.

3. Are you running an emulator board on your PC? What
kind of emulation software are you running on your PC?
Maybe others here can jump in and comment/offer help?

4. What, exactly, type of Apple II machine are you run-
ning? II, II+, IIe, //e (enhanced)? That, too will be of
use, I believe, when posing this question.

Hope we can help.


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Yes,I'm running Apple][e on a

Yes,I'm running Apple][e on an emulator called Apple//e Emulator.
In fact, i've got an geos hard drive image for geos from ,but don't know how to get it started on the emulator.

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The image should be name.hdv

The image should be name.hdv and mounted in slot 7 drive 1.


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