Schematic diagram for Macintosh Classic II

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Hello People.
I need big favor here, i got a Macintosh classic II with no keyboard and a mouse,when the computer gets turned onn i get coloms of black and white lines , each colom is about a 1/4 inch Thick, so it seems that the unit has a problem somewhere.anyone knows what needs to be replaces, ?? But i do need the schematic for it, where would i find one , and where can i get a Mouse and a Keyboard, iam in the S calif .
sincerely Matthew

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Classic II repairs.


Any standard ADB keyboard and mouse will work.

AFAIK, CII schematics have never been seen in the public domain. Sad

Your problem sounds like a RAM seating issue. Open the CII and relocate every component that can be removed and reseated. You may even have bad RAM.

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...wishing I had seen this po

...wishing I had seen this post BEFORE I replied to your other one, but anyway...

My classic II decided to stop working one day; you would turn it on, there was no startup chime, it sat there with this checkerboard pattern of grey and black rectangles, about 1"x2"... and did NOTHING ELSE PERIOD except for emit some high-picthed whine. I had tried all sorts of things, RAM re-seating, re-checking connections, etc etc etc, nothing worked. THen one day (6 months down the road from when it first crapped out) I was talking to my friend on the phone, who had just gotten an SE/30 (and from that point on, a war commenced between the both of us, CII vs SE/30..but thats another story XD )... and I explained to him what happened, I held the phone up to the speaker to show him what the high pitched noise sounded like.... and it just decided to start up like nothing had gone wrong in the first place o.O

So, from what I can tell, I guess Classic II's can be tempermental Tongue Definitely try re-seating the RAM though... a long handle torx T-15 will get the job done (Sears Hardware, or Home Depot has them), and then just a regular phillips when you're inside.

If you need better RAM simms, let me know, I have 30 pin chips for Africa here x.x;;; (May even have some 4 meg ones to max the CII's ram, if you haven't got them already)


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Thank you guys for all the he

Thank you guys for all the help ,but i took apart my classic and its about 390 parts
I took out all the components and iam testing all the chips...etc, i think i forgot a location of 2 transistors, I got disy for a moment from the soldier gun smoke, and didnt write down where were ,

so i decided to get on ebay ,and bought a classic and anther classic II, so know i have to wait for their owners to ship them to me,

This is getting to be a challenge a "stupid one" , this classic is e about to cost me running more than a knew G10 apple computer.Hey i dont even know if their is a G10.

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