Wnated G4 PowerBook socket (junk from dead motherboard?)

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Wanted G4 PowerBook socket. (junk from a dead motherboard?)

I have a broken socket where the power supply plugs into the G4 PowerBook.
This prevents me recharging the battery in this PowerBook.
Mac dealers tell me that I can only get it fixed by replacing the complete motherboard.
The part which is damaged is only the socket and the small board which
has a wire going from it to the rest of the machine.
Does anyone have this part (maybe from a dead mother board) that I
can buy from them so that I can solder it back together and get it charging?

I appreciate that this will void any warranty, yet a new 667 motherboard is not a viable proposition for me.

Thanks for your attention

Charles Lucy

London UK

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not sure of your problem

The power input board is a separate part, no need to replace the entire logic board. Apple designed it that way, so's you don't have to if just the power socket is damaged.

Dan K


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