Sonnet Tempo HD with a 60GB 7200 laptop hard drive attached

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I have a Sonnet Tempo HD PCI card that is up for sale or trade. Here is Sonnet's information about the card:

This item will come with the original box, manuals, and IDE cable. I have attached a 2.5 inch 60GB 7200 RPM 8MB cache. Other World Computing has a great description here:

This card and hardrive work great. I am the original owner of both the card and the hard drive. This will work in just about any PCI Mac under OS 8.0~X and is boot-able. There is nothing currently on the drive, it is formatted in HFS+ Journalized though.

You may be asking why I am parting with the card. I am in college and I have to pay bills somehow.

I am not really sure what I would consider for a trade, but I am open to whatever is suggested. I payed over $350 for the card and hard drive. Make me an offer or a trade and we will see how it goes.


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Joined: Jun 8 2004
Posts: 48
I am not expecting to get $350 for it.


I am not expecting to get the $350 that I payed for the bundle. Some things that I am interested in and would consider for a trade:

- Just about any New World ROM Mac, including PowerBooks
- PC-100 256MB RAM
- 21in Apple Studio Display (flat CRT) *wipes drool from chin*
- Gb ethernet hardware
- PCI ~> 802.11B or 802.11G adapter
- PCMCIA 802.11G card
- Airport card (not extreme)

This list is not complete, feel free to make other offers.

Thank you,