5-BNC -> Mac display cables, more

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liluci had requested a BNC cable for a Radius monitor which got me thinking I should offer these up to a wider audience (in addition to her Smile

I have a bunch of *Brand new* Smile SuperMac 5 x BNC -> DB-15 (Mac monitor plug) cables for 1152 x 870. SuperMac part number - either of these two, not sure which is the actual # 0007144-0001B _or_ 0007110-B

They were originally for 19" SuperMac displays, but I've used them with other 19" monitors, though sometimes I've had to adjust the monitor's synch to get it to match that oddball 870 vertical size.

Figure $10 + shipping (under 1 lbs. total shipping weight)

I have (and would like to find new homes for) tons of other nubus+early PPC-era cables too, video, scsi (internal + external), AAUI adapters, more, more, more. Just ask and I'm nearly bound to have it.

Any questions and/or interest, please contact me directly -> macdan at comcast dot net

Dan K


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