Is it impossible to do anything with a 7100

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I was taking apart my 7100 last night, I was going to put it in either an Altair looking case or a rackmount, but this darn thing seems as if it's impossible to configure the locations of the components in a way dissimilar to the orginal design.

The powersupply can ONLY fit in the socket and hover over the motherboard.

The scsi ribbons are quite short

And the case was extremely difficult to dissassemble

Has anyone else noticed this obstacle and possible overcame it?


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8100 PSU Cable?

IIRC, you should be able to adapt that PSU and mobo to a cabled config without TOO much work.You can always hardwire the connections with or without putting a male female connector plug in between. Check to see if the MLB "nipple" connector on the PSU comes off so you can plug a cable in.

jt :?


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Im sure you can find some oth

Im sure you can find some other mac psu with that same connector. If you do then you can cut it and make an extention out of the plug. Also you can probably find some more scsi cables at some PC liquidation shop or sumthin cheap and as far as the case goes you can most likely find someone online whos put it in a new case.