WTB/WTT PowerMac 8600/9600 Barebones

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HI All:

Im looking to buy a gutted PM9600/8600 to transfer the guts from my 8550 into. Only looking for logic board and power supply in case. Need bezels for CD-ROM, and Floppy. I have tons of Mac stuff to trade for this, please let me know what you are looking for.

AIM: MacAddictQ700


MacAddictQ700 aka Michael A. Stanhope
York, PA USA
PowerMacintosh 7550/G3-350MHz. 18gb/256mb

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I have quite a few 8600/8600

I have quite a few 8600/8600 bits including G3 upgrade chips and other stuff. What do you have to trade?

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8600 w/MACH V board!

I have a stripped down 8600 with a MACH V logic board, power supply, CD & floppy bezels, etc.

$20 + shipping sound fair???

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