Was there ever software like this?

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I'm trying to find out if there was ever a kind of drum sequencer for the IIc? Just something that you could make little beats with. I know the IIc has sound and a headphone jack which you could patch into a mixer. So, anyone know of anything like that? If it isn't out there could I possibly program it in BASIC (for lack of any better tools to program with).


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Yes. :-) http://luddite.n
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Drum Sequencer Software

I was wandering around in my Apple archives
and found the following software titles. I
have not had the time to try these out even
though I've had them for years. You may be
able to locate copies of these on the buy/
sell thread or on A-2 Web.

PVI Presents DRUMKEY (tm) Ver. 1.2 (c)1984
J. William Mauchly, Richard Moberg, and
John O. Senior (1 disk program)

Dr. T's Music Software Keyboard Controlled
Serial Number A 6027, (c)1985 Emile Tobenfield
(1 disk program)


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One problem...I think

I checked out http://luddite.no-ip.com/apple2.html and it said that to run the program my IIc has to be 64k...is that the ROM size? Because I have the 32k one...I think...help?


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I read that as...

"This program requires an Apple ][ computer with 64K". Presumably that rules out running it on anything less then a ][+ with the 16K language card.

All //c's have at least 128k of ram, same as a IIe "Enhanced".