What about technical materials?

Apple produced a /// Service Manual that includes schematics,
information, service tips, etc., along with a host of Technical
Notes. WAP has a copy of the Service Manual and can make copies for
those interested. The cost for a copy of the double-sided manual
(printing + P&H) is $75.00 (the manual is huge). All the Apple ///
Tech Notes are available on Apple's EWorld On-Line Service. WAP is
working to convert the information into a set of PD disks for the ///
PD library, since EWorld is only available to Mac or (soon) PC Users.

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When Apple discontinued the A

When Apple discontinued the Apple /// they sent the dealer I was working for the shop manual for the Apple /// which I kept. They also shipped our store Apple /// service stock 64k ram chips for some reason. At that time 64k ram chips cost about $6.00 each so the service center used these chips to repair the Apple //e computers and make some money. What is the street value of that manual ?