How to properly pack an iMac?

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I'm putting three iMacs (Rev. Ds) on eBay tomorrow - don't worry, I'll post links on FS:T - and need to know the best way to package them so they arent' destroyed when they get to their final destinations, wherever those may be. It'll be one per box. I already have the boxes - they're plenty big enough. What should I use to put around the computer to package it properly??



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Lead shot? LOL.. just co

Lead shot?

LOL.. just couldn't resist.

For a delicate computer: First I would cover it with a big plastic bag. Then I would probably go ahead and bring it to one of those places that has a foam machine and can fill the rest of the box with foam. That should be good enough, but if you want to be extra sure (quite recommended too), you would want to double box it. Take that box with the foam around the comptuer and place it into another box with more foam around it.

It would expensive to package professionally (probably around 10-20 dollars just for packing it) but it would get there in one peice.


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Last time I sent an iMac(hybrid rev A, C and D) I gave it 15 turns of fat bubble wrap and filled the corners of the box with newspaper packed down so hard it couldn't compress any further... this makes for a fairly solid box and my iMac arrived at its destination in perfect form- but that's with AusPost, and I've never had a problem with broken goods from them yet- if your postal company is a tad rough you should go with what bobotech said. Maybe without the second box... seems a bit much for such an old piece of equipment.

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It depends...

It depends on where you're located, and who your shipping courier is. UPS and FedEx in my area won't ship ANYTHING electronic unless it is double boxed with a minimum of 6" of foam peanuts between the inner and outer boxes...

Just my $.02