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I realize that there are already sights dedicated to rumors and speculation, and I realize that this site is not the home for it. Adding new forums can greatly spiral out of control and detract from the original puropose of this site.

That being said, is it possible to section off the forums under the general heading of "Remember Outdoors"? Some kind of header like what we have for "Marketplace", and "Discussion". The end goal here is to make a distinguishment between TECHNICAL discussion and OTHER discussion, the former being "just the facts" the latter being the medley of everything else.

Within the OTHER discussion forum group, we could have 'Remeber Outdoors' and 'Rumors'.

I like having good technical discussions and learning about others hacks and plotting my own, but it is nice to have a place for folks to chat about what they now (especially if someone has insider info - like something about Apple reintroducing the Newton (an example only)). I think the lack of a special place for this and the recent discussion about questions in the AUP has lead some to post rumors under the next best heading.

If I have totally lost you, what I am saying is this:
Relabel "Discussion" as "Technical Discussion" and add "Other Disccusion". Relocate the "Remember Outdoors" thread to "Other Discussion". Add a forum in "Other Discussion" for "Rumors and Hearsay".

I do not care if someone posts a rumor, as long as it is not clogging up the forums where the purpose is for a different topic - kinda goes along the lines of someone posting a thread in the wrong forum all together.

Just a thought, take it or leave it.



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... and other topics

I plead guilty to posting stuff in the "wrong" place (eg: the Hacks forum), for the simple reason that other sections were just as "wrong".

eg: topic = Apple project code names -> ? I put it into "68K Macs and Software"
but that's not a great fit. Where then?

eg: topic = Computer fest madness -> ? I put it into "Hardware Hacks", could have gone into "Other Technology" I guess, but it doesn't seem to fit there either.

Point is, lots of topics don't fit neatly into any particular category, so we're left with having to choose a forum under which to post, knowing that it's not the "right" place.

Possible solutions include adding more fora (eg: some sort of "Misc Apple/Mac topics"?), or at the very least adding more comprehensive (and findable! guidelines for where to post if in doubt.

dan k


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When in doubt . . .

. . . post it in hacks! Evil Block Company

'stealth is the most flexible of the mods . . . come up with some hair-brained rationalization for anything interesting being on topic and he'll goes with the flow . . . or just move it to R.O.

YAY! 'stealth! . . . and where the dickens have you been keeping yourself, kid? :?

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