Trade my PC for your Mac

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Okay, this borders on OT, but ISTR seeing similar offers, so here goes...

What I have:
Pentium III, 500mhz,
256mb RAM,
10gb disk,
CD-ROM (have to check speed),
CD-RW (4x4x320)
10/100 Ethernet
v.92 modem
fresh install of Win2K SP4
Microsoft natural keyboard
Microsoft scroll mouse

What I would like:
Mac capable of running Panther and (preferably) Tiger without having to resort to X-PostFacto or other hacks.
G3 is fine, will consider stripped B&W G3's or Yikes systems without drives or memory provided all brackets/bezels are provided (as well as CPU, motherboard, and PS, of course).
Alternately, would consider a clamshell iBook (minimal configuration fine).


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I would just like to wish you

I would just like to wish you good luck..


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Man, that's funny! that's an amazingly unfair deal. A P3 is worth a mid-range G3, which is incapable of running Tiger and barely runs Panther. Upgrade your PC, or you'll never get anyone even considering your offer.


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had any luck yet? I might ha

had any luck yet? I might have a G3 266 desktop. email me at van (a) ripnet (dot) com