PowerBook 165c screen weirdness...

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Well I just got yet another PB 165c delivered this morning, and it's totally flawless in pretty much every way- apart from, of course, the power plug in the back(loose, will solder it a bit after posting this) and the screen.

This is the problem:


...with a screen testing program running. That mush is just plain orange, and not transparent at all- implying pixel trouble. Dead pixels? I think not... 1) they're all grouped 2) they're all orange.


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yer screens F*^ - err, messed up

nifty looking, but seriously, your LCD's a gonner. Looks like some sort of physical damage to the screen. Can't be controller or cable or anything, 165C has a passive matrix screen, defects would affect rows or columns, not just splotches like that.

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LCD borked

Thats what I thought... ah well, cost me nothing, no loss- and it still works anyway Smile