Palm M100 Screen Problems

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I got a Palm M100 and it's touch screen is acting strange. The top 1/4 works fine but the lower 3/4 is not aligned properly because if I tap an area, it registers to another it's really off.

Is there a known glitch in the Palm M100 series or is this poor Palm somehow damaged? What other type of Palm Pilots could donate a screen?

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Did you try recalibrating the

Did you try recalibrating the touchscreen?


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Mine does it too!

since the consumer-concious models were not made with quality parts, they degrade. I know that the cheaper the screen is , the faster it degrades. it is not damaged, i assure you. Has it been under heavy use?


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I did try and calibrate it bu

I did try and calibrate it but it goes in an endless loop when trying to calibrate. It never finishes. Ever. You have to intentionally mistap to get the calibration to complete.

It's hardly been used. My dad got it and hardly used it. It ended up sitting in his office doing nothing.

Can you get keyboards for the M100 series? Maybe I can use it as a nifty portable telnet/serial console.

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I've seen this before . . .

the M100 series are very cheaply made and are known for their digitizer problems. AFAIK, there's no solution, however it's been awhile since I had anything to do with these PsOS, so you might want to google about a bit.

My solution so far has been to trash the offending Palms and replace with a higher quality unit. Err, by trash I mean toss into the parts bin, I never actually throw anything away. Cool Mac

WRT replacement - I've found the Vx series an excellent substitute. They're built to a much higher standard than are the M100s. As the current eBay market values them at around $50, a Vx is an excellent choice for a budget OS4.1/8MB Palm device. Plus they just look so damn classy!

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I often sell and repair palm

I often sell and repair palm VX units as I love them. They are known for the mad digitiser syndrome..but this is easly fixed for around $5 of parts!

They also have a backlight and battery drain issure, also fixable for $5.

I recently sold one on ebay for £35 as I need the money. I have another one, if you interested.


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It's probably not worth getting repaired, as the user market price for an M100 is next to nothing.


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