nice - aircraft cabin management and entertainment system

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just the thing for your Gulfstream, or maybe yer houses, cars . . .

It's impressively integrated and includes an interesting array of features. One I liked was a sort of a key thing, "A memory stick holds all system presets and authorization", used with the remote control unit.

I haven't any aircraft just now, but I could imagine having an association of integrated systems encompassing home, auto, boat, aircraft, where-ever . . . just insert a memory stick into a controller's slot and all systems in your current space conform to your desired configuration.

I imagine "nice" is rather expensive, no big deal for the owner of a jet, but perhaps not affordable for us peons. However, I bet a similar (though not nearly as extensive) system could be constructed on the cheap from off-the-shelf parts.

dan k


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A G5 in your G-V!

I wish I had those problems!

Do I go with the Gulfstream V, or the Cessna Citation? Or should we look at a time share on an older Boeing passenger conversion?

Should we go to France or Italy for dinner tonight? And don't forget your PCU...I like the way the lights dim at just the right moment when Rod Stewart's "Tonight's The Night" starts playing...

tony b.

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