Please bid on my iBook 14"

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I want to sell my iBook now, since i've got a desktop computer. I don't know how much my iBook is worth, so please tell me. And if anyone is interrested, contact me.

My iBook has:
256 DDR Ram
40 GB Harddisk
32 Video Card
Combo Drive

I've taken a photo of my ibook:

I usually take PayPal as payment. - i think i still has the box for the ibook.

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Not to sound mean/snobby, but there is no way that's a G4 iBook. For one, the typeface that says "iBook" is wrong - that's Apple Garamond, and it should be Myriad on the new ones. Plus the iBook G4s say "iBook G4". And they don't have the silvery plastic palmrests, they're matte whiteish/grayish.

Here's what I'd like you to do. Boot into Mac OS X, and then click the Apple menu, pick About this Mac. Click More Information... and tell me processor speed and RAM. Then I can suggest a price for you to sell it at, like you asked...

By the way, I'm not personally interested in this IBook, just trying to help.

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hahaha it has a reset button

hahaha it has a reset button too... on the side. Meaning it is a G3/600MHz 14" (late 2001 or early 2002). At least that photo is. Maybe that isn't a photo of the iBook he is really referring to... hahaha just to be optomistic. I am guessing it is a scam though.


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Dude, if you're going to scam

Dude, if you're going to scam someone, DON'T POST A PIC OF YOUR COMP! ;D

Hm...maybe it's just someone else's computer and he didn't have time to picture his own.

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you guys kinda scare me, in a good way...

'cuz anyone that can pick up on all of those details (especially the type font Shock ) means you guys really know these machines and obviously do not spend enough time in the "Remember Outdoors" Tongue part of this forum. I am impressed and slightly freaked, in a good way ;D . Good eyes to all of you! :Smile



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I had a good look at that pic when I first saw this and didnt think anything of it... about an hour later while installing RAM in a customer's ThinkPad it suddenly occurred to me... THAT BE NO IBOOK GEE FOUR!

'Course by then you other guys had made a good mockery of it already so I left well enough alone.

Wonder if this guy's gonna end up selling it elsewhere to some poor fool...