Trade Working Thinkpad for PowerBook/iBook Parts!!!!!!

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Hi!i have an IBM Thinkpad 770x that i'd like to trade for the parts of a dead powerbook(G3 Wallstreet,Lombard,Pismo,G4 PowerBook).Or the parts of a dead iBook(any model).I will also accept the whole things of any listed models above.It dosnt matter blown PMU,no modem,no AC Adapter,etc...
SO...Let me know if youre interested(specs on thinkpad,offers,etc...)!

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How about really old power book parts...

Thats about all I have to offer... Old power book parts... A busted 180 and a 270c with no Adapter and no knowlage of workingness...


mmm... Apples...

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I'd like to know the specs on

I'd like to know the specs on the Thinkpad. I really don't have that much to offer, as I'm in the process of repairing a couple of 'books now. When I get done I'll most likely have some spare parts though.


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Well,I did post this last yea

Well,I did post this last year(yes,3 days after recieving the thinkpad).
December of last year,I began to use it for internet,and the ThinkPad died on me in Feburary of 2005(I thing it was a virus).So,I destroyed it(I hate windozzzze).In other words,The thinkpad is gone.I got an iBook 466.
And a PowerBook wallstreet thats dead.
Thanks for your interest!!!

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What do you mean, "destroyed it"? You poured water on it? You smashed it with a hammer? Or you just erased the hard drive?

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No,I physically destroyed it.

No,I physically destroyed it.I opened it,broke the keyboard in the process,the metal inside the laptop bent,and the hinge caps broke,the whole thing is just ugly.The Hard Drive is there,Windows Me,but has a Problem.
BTW:Whoever talked about a 270c,How much do you want for it????They are so cool.....

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So ....

If you were going to part with that 270c for cash what would the price be?

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Sounds like...

Someone couldn't be bothered reinstalling Windows on a perfectly good IBM laptop that they could have sold as-is for a nice sum of money to someone who would have fixed & appreciated it, so instead they tore it to pieces.