os 9 on a summer 2001 imac

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i have a os 9 cd, that i want to install on my 500 mhz summer 2001 imac. This was a mod that i did, so its the logic board from the imac and an atx conversion

right now i have a 80 gb HDD with panther installed, and it works perfectly

i want to intall os 9 on another hrd drive, and if i want be able to swap the 2,. so i need a fully bootable os9 HDD, not running classic under OSX

when i install from classic in osx to my new HD, it dosent boot from that HDD. what should i do?



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Boot the system from the OS 9

Boot the system from the OS 9 CD and install to the target drive... Just like you would for any other OS install. Wink


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