Getting other Apple I programs to run on the POM 1 (Apple I emulatior)

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Can someone Please help me? I'm kinda new to machine code

and am trying to get lunar landing running on the POM1 (un

til I can get a replica 1 built)

looking at the listing it looks like the game starts at

address 300 but when I type 300R it just sits there.

I will greatful for any help,

also where can i find the listing for APPLE I


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Running Apple I Programs

I have not been able to get Pom I to run on my computers, but yes, Lunar Lander starts at (hex) 0300, so the command "300R" should be right. The listing for Apple I BASIC used to be on the Apple I Owners page, but I can no longer find it. If you will e-mail me at iceandfire(at), I will send a copy to you.


Larry Nelson