What do you drive, and why?

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Hehe...I just bought me an 05 Honda Oddysey EX-L ('bout 2 mos.old) to replace my now dead 1989 Honda Accord....now has 3000 miles on her, but shes been great for the past 2 months that I've had her...and has been the only new thing I've bought for a looong time.


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1992 Mazda protage 4 door

1992 Mazda protage 4 door

Why?? it was free. runs like new only had to buy both cv joints, both front struts and a heater core. around 40 mpg and will do a bit over 120mph stock


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1996 Geo Prizm AKA toyota Cor

1996 Geo Prizm AKA toyota Corolla. bought it with 84k on it in april,now has 104k. i drive 60+ miles daily. i get about 30-35 mpg in the summer, and about 29-32 in the winter. it doesnt seem to change if i drive 65 or 85. i do all my own work on the car. soon its going to need clutch because the last owner must not have known how to drive, this clutch should have another 50k miles before it needs replacing. its a neat little car for only have 105hp at the crank and it will do 118mph. tell me that doesnt sound scary cuz it is. but i love japan made cars, i think they are very reliable cars, hardly ever need work done to them but when they do its expensive. i had a VW Passat a few years back, and let me tell you, awsome driving car but broke ALL the time. if i had the money to keep it i would.


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