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I'd need a SuperDrive controller card to use with an Apple IIe (platinum version). I'm Italy, can anyone sell me one of them?

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What do you mean by superdrive? I assume you mean the floppy drive or something? We have 2 IIe's sitting around in the "no longer used computer room" in my dad's work I could maybe salvage a few parts from if I knew what you're meaning...


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Ahh, youth...

...in the olden days (circa the early 90's) floppies were still the most widely used paltform for removable media. Apple had originally dubbed the high density (1.44MB) floppy drives with auto-inject as SuperDrive. The drives you have are most likely what is needed.


PS my five year old informed me that the'olden days' were the 90's, hence my reference as such.


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