Which Pentium/AMD heatsink for G3 zif?

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Is there a type of Pentium or AMD heatsink that works best on a G3 zif? Seems like the beige g3s were the closest Apple came to using standard parts, so was wondering if there is a heatsink type that fits without modification.


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None really work for it since

None really work for it since the Beige G3's ZIF has a wider angle which results in too much down force on the CPU when a regular heatsink is used. However, some early Pentium I Heatsink/Fan combos will work if you bend the fastening clips to relieve the stress. Take the board with you if possible or make a note of the fastening notches on the ZIF Socket because when I was searching for heatsinks I actually got one that didn't work because one of the clip's was too narrow where it fastens on the ZIF Socket.

If memory serves the Beige G3 has 3 notches on each side of the ZIF Socket where a fastening clip can hook into, but it's not industry standard.