Ethernet for SE.... scsi or card and ram

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I am looking for any kind of ethernet that I can use with my macintosh SE, as long as it works ofcourse and for a reasonable price. Any SE ram would also be helpful. I can send a money order or cash through the mail. thanks


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Re: Ethernet for SE.... scsi or card and ram

The User: tomorrow99auctions on Ebay had a bunch of the SCSI interface MicroSCSI EN (or something like that) adapters for about $6 plus shipping. I think he's still listing some. They're the little boxes about the size of playing cards from Asante that connect via SCSI and provide an ethernet interface.


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Ethernet interfaces for the Mac SE

I have several of these for sale, as new, in their original boxes with manual and drivers on diskette; also external SCSI>Ethernet adaptors

see my website