Color Classic and MacMame questions

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Hi all. Well, I now have a Color Classic with an LC575 board.
It's running OS 7.5.3, just wondering if there's a version of the Mame arcade emulator that can play on this computer with this OS? What is the highest OS I can run on my current set-up? Also, my CC does not seem to recognize any floppy disks, nor will it initialize any either. The one I had before did the same thing. Is the floppy drive failure common to these old CCs? I'm lucky it can at least read from the external CD-Rom. Thanks in advance.


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sorry - ppc required

MacMame won't run on a 68K machine. Of course, you could do a Takky upgrade to a PowerPC Wink

Have you tried cleaning the heads on the floppy drive? Sometimes they get dust-rhinos that stop floppy operations cold.

You can run up to 8.1 on your CC, though you might find 7.5.5 runs with a bit less overhead (and it's free).


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Thanks for your advice. I didn't think it would run on a 68K
machine, although their website says version .28 is for 68K Macs!
Anyway, it didn't work on this machine Crying I happily play
MacMame on an old Powerbook 3400, but somehow I think it would look
cool on an old 10 inch Trinitron.

No, I haven't tried cleaning the floppy heads yet. Should I use those
cleaning kits I see in the computer stores? Thanks again,