Photos of Unknown Apple are available

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This is from my last thread. Here is a link to the photos. Tell me what you think this thing is!


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apple II or a rip off.

apple II or a rip off.


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Definetly a clone. I've had a

Definetly a clone. I've had a hundred or so almost identical clones pass through my hands over the years. I've still got about a dozen that I kept. There's pics of them and many many others at You should be able to find a duplicate board there.
Most chips have manufacturing dates and all the numbers on the chip that I can read have 1982 dates which would likely give the board a 1982 or 83 date.
Many clones copied Apples ROMs but substituted their own name for Apples so if you did fire it up there's a good chance you'll find out the name it was sold under.


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Mystery Computer

This thing appears to be a clone that someone has
used to experiment with/hack on. I noticed that
the speaker housing says "Ricoh" on it. They made
printers and other early peripherals back in the
day. A lot of the soldering and wiring looks like
it has been altered/hacked. You might try to get a
Apple power supply and hook it up and hook up a
monitor and see if it boots up at all. The maker's
logo should show up on the monitor screen and that
will tell you who built it. Most clone makers had
to reprogram the ROMs because of legalities with
Apple Computer regarding copyrighting of intellectual


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It was a generic apple clone

It was a generic apple clone out of China.. I worked in a small store and put together hundreds of these.. the speaker was unique though..