Interesting experience involving the police

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Today my mother was pulled over for a random breath test by police while driving an overly-laden ute with load overhanging the tailgate by 2 metres, a car which bears an out-of-date registration label and the wrong licence plates while being driven by a woman with a seriously questionable driving history and one point left on her licence, outside of a police station on a heavy-traffic road with steep, sudden hills everywhere, plus the brake lights concealed by the load, and to top it off, a defective right indicator.

The breath test showed up negative for alcohol, so they let her drive on.


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Oh yeah, and...

To add to the pleasantries, said load of 5-metre long heavy planks of wood was not adequately secured to the vehicle, let alone covered.

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error correction

Well. . .

There are always areas where some error correction can be made. A quick cost/benefit analysis probably flashed through the officers head, and she/he didn't think your mom was a threat. It's a positive thing that she isn't a lumber toting Al Queada agent . . .or is she?

I'm glad that she wasn't drinking and driving, which given the time of the year was probably the point for pulling her over randomly. Is she correcting the other stuff, the registration, the right indactor, and making the decision to load the vehical securely in the future? Those are the opportunities for correction. This might sound like "do-gooder" advice, but I know too many dead people who were killed by stuff like this.


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Ummm.. do not be offended by

Ummm.. do not be offended by this commment, but is your mom, "hot"?

I wonder if her sexual aura could have clouded the policeman's judgement?


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Nope. Not a chance. Tongue

Actually she has already sold the car- she just decided to be nice and help a friend move some wood before the new owners picked it up... So the registration issues aren't going to be a problem once the vehicle's off our hands.