new hard drive not fully operational

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i bouhgt a new hard drive to replace a 20gb drive, the new one is 160gb, but i can only use 63.9gb
i am running a ibm netvista machine type 2194
p3 800mhz 256mb ram
need help big time it will soon learn to fly

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You sure its partioned right? that should show at -LEAST- 150gb free formatted(judging by that i get 111 out of my 120gb)

maybe its a hardware limitation? like on the G4 cubes, where it cant see over 120gb. maybe they used a cheap IDE controller in that and it cant take more than 60gb, i doubt theres anything wrong with the drive.

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What drive controller does it

What drive controller does it have? If its ATA33, then it wont see all 160GB. You need a later revision ATA66 or ATA100 to be able to see the whole drive. It is posible it just was formatted right. Go in with fdisk and see if it sees the extra unpartioned space.


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Make sure you enable large di

Make sure you enable large disk support in fdisk too. If it shows as 128 GB, then your controller doesn't support 48 bit addressing. You'll need a PCI card or new motherboard.


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