A/UX and Atto Silicon Express

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Does anyone (that is familiar with A/UX) know if Atto Silocn Express IV SCSI Nubus card will work under A/UK (on a Quadra 950)?
Just wondering if there is any possibility that I wouldn't need a specific driver for the card.



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if the drivers are mac os bas

if the drivers are mac os based, then it will not work, but if the card seems to work fine on the normal mac os then it should work.

(That said, I do have a mac NuBus Ethernet card that works with system 7's normal ethernet drivers but not with A/UX's TCP/IP. AppleTalk works though:P)

But why don't you just use the onboard SCSI? i've never needed more than one bus, as I only have a few SCSI devices.


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Well, I haven't gotten one

Well, I haven't gotten one yet so I don't know if it requires drivers in MacOS (but wouldn't that just indicate that they were built into MacOS?).

The reason I'd like to get a SCSI card is that I"m toying with getting couple of old fashioned full-height SCSI drives (23GB) to put inside it (and maybe couple to put in an external case). Then use A/UX and maybe WindowMaker on top to make my "small-file server" look nice (the few time it will be booted up with a monitor). A/UX seems to be the only way to get a Linux/UNIX system working in it in an easy way.

Anyway, these drives are all 68pin (Ultra-Wide SCSI) and the 68 to 50 pin converter each costs about the same as a SCSI card does. I'm just being cheap Wink


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Re: A/UX and Atto Silicon Express

I found one here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/ATTO-SILICON-EXPRESS-IV-NUBUS-FAST-WIDE-SCSI-2-Card-/181267946831?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a34695d4f#ht_1264wt_1238 and wanted an answer to the same question: will it work, and is it faster than the onboard SCSI?

I have found some Quantum ST39216N 9gb and an IBM DCHS09Y 9.1GB in qty's on ebay for cheap:
I'd like to mirror a pair of them for RAID 1 and faster thruput. Can this be done in software?