Periwinkle Performa

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Ok, so I got the bright idea to paint my Performa 575 periwinkle!!! Looks pretty good... Just gotta touch up a little before I post pics... Has anyone else tried the Krylon Fusion paint on their cases?? Seems to work great!!!

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Krylon Fusion

Yes I have tried it and after a year I am very satisfied with the chip resistance. I only have 3 pin head size chips I need to touch up.

Here is a pic of it:

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I've used the Fusion paint, a

I've used the Fusion paint, and had less than stellar results.

It looked really nice, and went on easily, but it has chipped extensively. It also reacted with a vinyl bag that was left on it - and that was weeks after it was painted.

I cleaned and sanded the plastic, so it's either 1) The paint was crap, 2) It wasn't the right kind of plastic to bond with or 3) er...something else.


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I've used it on severl differ

I've used it on severl different projects, including costume boots... We'll see how it lasts!! I'm pretty impressed with the results myself, especially with the lack of painting experience that I have...