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Hello... I recently dug out my old macintosh powerbook 145b and tried to get it going for college. all i use is simple text and the occasional tetris. Upon booting up i found that the last time i messed with it i had put in a password i guess to protect my high scores. I do not have an operating disk, and i was wondering if there is any special keystroke i could put in that would bypass the password to where i could go in and change or disable it. I do not know what operating system it has. im sure its lower than operating system version 3 something im really not sure but i was wondering if there was a universal remedy for this.

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Try holding down the shift ke

Try holding down the shift key to boot with extensions off. Otherwise I suspect that you will need to download and create a boot floppy to gain access.

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booting a 145B


The 145B will boot with a system disk from 7.0.1 to 7.6.1. If the shift key doesn't work -- and that's determined by the security software -- you'll need to boot from a boot disk and trash the extensions from the third-party software. If the boot disk is the same system version as the installed system, you can copy the boot system over the installed system thereby wiping out the security measures.