Dead G4 TiBook - was off for a couple years!!

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My boss has a dead Tibook which worked fine until he didn't power it up for a couple of years. Now it does absolutley nothing, no lights, chimes etc. What type of problem could develop do to non-use? The battery checks out as fine, and it won't boot off the mains either. In the event this is not due to storage, what part might be responsible for the total lack of boot-up/power?

Any help would be great!!


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Try resetting the PMU.

Try resetting the PMU.


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flat PRAM battery perhaps?

Try plugging it and leaving it on mains power for a couple of days - the rule is 48 hours. That'll (hopefully) recharge the PRAM battery and allow it to boot. This used to do the trick sometimes back in the ol' G3 PB days . . .

That said, I've got a pair of Mercury MLBs that refuse to boot now they've been separated from the rest of themselves for months. Worked fine back when assembled, now seem kaput. I still haven't run through everything, but I did let one sit charging for days, and got no joy. Sad


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I wonder, if no solutions work, what its storage conditions were like for two years. Heat, cold, humidity, or rapid changes could have an effect I imagine.


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