Powerbook G3 wallstreet help

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I bought a powerbook wallstreet off of ebay and it arrived this friday. Once I was able to power it on but when i tried afterwards it wouldn't turn on. There are two different batteries and i've tried charging both of them but I still haven't been able. Is there anything I should try to get it working again? Is there any way you can zap a pram battery if powerbooks have them? Thanks for your help.

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Zap the PRAM

I believe that all Macs have PRAM, at least, all the ones that shipped with Classic. Hold down command-option-P-R when you hear the chime and hold for about 5 "chimes" (each time the machine comes back from a "zap" it'll chime like it's booting up, after the 5th chime, you can let go.) and that should be it.

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G3 problem


Is there a power reset manager button on the back? It's usually a small thin vertial button on the back. Hold it for ten or so seconds if you have one.

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Batteries are probably not charged

I bought a G3 Wallstreet on e-bay also and had the same problem. After I let the battery charge for like 24 hours THEN the laptop functioned properly. Give it a try.

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On the back of the powerbook

On the back of the powerbook there is a little diagram of the keys you press to reset the power manager. I think this is fn, option, command, and power, but check. This will cause the sleep lamp to flash. Wait at least 5 sec before you try to power it up.

you can check the charge status of the batteries by pressing the tiny button in the center. The four LEDs will light up if the battery is fully charged, three for 3/4, etc. May be completely dead, may not.

It should power up the fan for a couple seconds when you plug the powered power adapter in -- that is, you MUST plug the power adapter into the wall socket FIRST, then the powerbook. After you reset the power manage, the clear surround around the power adapter socked should light up amber if the battery is charging and green if it's fully charged.

The bad news is that the plug on the MB is almost as bad as the one on the PB 190 for coming loose, so you get no power to the PB even with a good adapter. Usually can be soldered, or you can replace the appropriate card.

The Wallstreet is fairly easy to take apart -- as you will have to if it turns out the PRAM battery is bad!