128GB Limit Workarounds?

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Hey all!

I recently found a deal on a 160GB HD & bought it to add some capacity to an audio editing machine (it's a dual 450 G4 running 10.3.7). I get the thing home & installed, then find that the machine only recognizes 128GB of the drive. I guess I had heard of that limitation, but didn't realize that it was actually a hardware limitation and that it applied to machines as relatively new as that G4.

Anybody know of a cheap workaround to be able to use the full 160GB?

I read about Intech's SpeedTools, that allows you to use the higher capacity drives, but that still costs money ($90, or $15 from OWC if I buy a drive with it.) I'd also rather not futz with a software driver and risk that an OS update might break it.

PCI-ATA controller? Which one?

Firewire enclosure? Which one?



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the pci ata controller i use is a SIIG ata133.


its $75, but its dual channel so you can stick up to 4 drives on there. I have 2 250's and 2 100's attached to my sawtooth, works great

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I can't remember who, but som

I can't remember who, but someone on one of the G4 Cube forums I'm on managed to break that barrier all the way to 400GB. Can't remember how he did it though. I'll check


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