Squeezing 40 More K out of it. . .

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I need to run a program that will almost, but not entirely, not work at all. It needs 40 more K of ram-- and I've turned off all the extensions, turned off Multifinder (System 6.0.8 ), and tried using Optima. Is there anything else I can do to make it work?

. . .And then, how do I fix an "Address Error"?


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Try moving some fonts, DAs, i

Try moving some fonts, DAs, inits, cdevs, etc. from your system file.


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Emergency Disk

If you have an emergency disk laying around, copy the system folder off of that and try booting from that. It's got a very small memory footprint. As well, (if System 6 is capable of this) make sure 32bit addressing is on, if you've got more than 8MB of RAM.


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