Address Book/V cards questions

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Hi Folks,

Have been trying to figure out a way to export info in address book into a printable list form, eg into excel or something. We love the simpiciy of address book and would really like to stck with it if we can, but we just need to be able to publish a list (or table) type view of all the addresses.

Thanks in advance, Gary Eastment.

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Print it!

1 Select the cards that you want to list

2 Go to File: Print

3 Then select the options that you want displayed (ie name, pic, phone no ...)

4 Save as PDF (or print if you want on paper)

This gives the output as a pdf which might not be the right format for you and it might be possible to copy and paste this into excel or something but I am doubtful because the formatting would probably get stuffed up by the process.


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