/usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib HELP!!

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At a suggestion from a software co. whose app was crashing, they had me try to replace /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib with the one they provided

something went terribly wrong, and now I am trying to restore the original file

its sitting in /usr/lib as libSystem.B.dylib.orig

but I can't get my Powerbook to boot in single user mode to switch it back!!

I reset pram, nada
I reset the pmu, nada
I got the machine to boot off the Panther1 install disk and ran disk utility

when that didn't fix the problem,
I was actually able to boot in single user mode off the Panther1 install disk,
but this isn't helpful because there is no way to mount my hd filesystem (or is there?) as the CD is locked

If I had a fw cable, this would be so easy to fix...

What should I do?

(is there a way to create a RAM disk from single user mode so I could create a mount point for my HD?)

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there is no way to mount my hd filesystem (or is there?)

How does the Installation disk write to the drive if it can't mount it?

How can Disk Utility run when booted from a CD?
How do utilites like TechTool Pro and Disk Warrior change disks if they can't mount them?

There must be a way to mount a HD when in single user mode from a CD .... right?

Does anyone know?

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I figured it out

I recommend NOT screwing with this file... but here's how it got fixed...

I have TTP 4.0.3
reset pram
reset pmu
boot to single user mode onto the TTP CD
even though the disk is read only, it allows you to mount a volume
which gave me access to the filesystem
I renamed the file back to its original name
reboot to HD

man... that freaked me out...

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Simple as it is

What I did:
1. You need to have a copy or the original libSystem.B.dylib file. I don't know if might work or if it is OK to replace it with similar from another similar OSX version when you don't have your original one.

2. Get a another mac. Ask a friend to help you.

3. Learn about Target Mode -http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1661. Not all computers support target mode.

4. Start Target mode as learned. Find your target hard disk on to your host computer. Find your libSystem.Bdylib or get a copy previously uploaded on to your host desktop computer(friend's computer).If you make a copy from your friend mac-DO NOT REMOVE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES YOUR FRIEND'S libSystem.B.dylib FILE FROM IT'S ORIGINAL LOCATION-ONCE MOVED CAN'T BE UNDONE AND YOU'LL HAVE HIS COMPUTER MESSED UP TOO- just right click on it - copy then paste on desktop. As mentioned above I don't know if that kind of copy can replace your original one.

5.Place it on it's default location /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib on your hard disk. No password authorization asked in target mode in my case.

6.REBOOT as usual.