Quicksilver case, can I install a Digital Audio Motherboard?

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Name here is Matt, and I have been working on PC clones for many years (at work) and playing with my old 68k Macs at home for years.

I am starting a new project, and since I have a G3 B&W as my staple computer at home, I figured it was time to start building a G4 project.

Recently on Ebay I purchased a clean Quicksilver case, and now I am wondering what Motherboards will work in it. Since I don't have a Power supply currently, my options are open for what "guts" I want to put inside. My two top choices for Motherboards are the obvious "Quicksilver", and a also an older digital Audio Motherboard. From What I can tell by looking at Web pictures, the port layout on these to boards is almost the same, and it appears that most cables used inside would be the same.

I understand that both have unique (to themselves) power supplies, and processor requirements. My plan is to buy a dual processor upgrade kit for the respective motherboard.

so.. my main question... Can I put a (normally much cheaper) Digital Audio motherboard in the Quicksilver case, without too much modification? I am fine with drilling and tapping if needed, I am just worried about other unforeseen issues..

If I go the Digital Audio route my plans would be as follows;
Purchase Digital Audio Power supply
Purchase Dual Processor upgrade kit for Digital Audio Motherboard
Purchase Digital Audio Motherboard.
and Buy needed drives, cables, and Video card.

Any help would be appreciated, as I am new to the "G" series Powermacs.


Matt W
Mac 1mb, Mac Se/30, Mac LC, Mac Quadra 840av, Mac 6200cd, Mac 6500/275, G3 B&W, and project G4

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Guess I will go it alone.

Guess I will go it alone.

I am going to take the plunge so to speak..

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Keep me posted. I'm in a si

Keep me posted.
I'm in a similar situation, accept I have a Digital Audio case.


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D.A in a Quicksilver Case

I actually have a D.A. Motherboard in a QS case with a D.A. power supply. It works fine and no modifications to any parts were necessary.

I also added a 867 MHz cpu, but you do have to add 12 volts dc to the 4th post of the cpu.