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I want to build a computer around the 6502 chip if it's the last thing I ever do!! (Besides play with it). Can someone sugest a way to do this? Would anyone know how to make an ASCII keyboard? But I could also work a design with LEDs, and switches. Let me know.



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I'd suggest...

Scavaging through libraries, used bookstores, whatever, and learning some history. Everybody and their dog was publishing stories on building simple homebrew computers during the late 1970s, and a fair subset of them happened to be 6502-based.

The real question that needs to be asked is "what do you intend to learn from this"? If the goal is to learn programming then I'd suggest building something based on a known design. The Apple I replica hyped in the sidebar ad wouldn't be a bad choice. If that's too passe then a Commodore KIM-1 would also be a nice minimal option:


There are several schematics/replica plans for that floating around.

The KIM-1 is about as simple as a "useful" computer can get, so if that looks like too much you may want to reconsider the project.


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An interesting project done w

An interesting project done with 6502 tech was the Eudeamons and their roulette cheat system. The book I read years ago was titled "The Newtonian Casino", though it was also called "The Eudeamonic Pie". And interesting read. It would be quite simple to built the same level of tech into a wristwatch or some other very small package nowadays.


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