A Small List of Items lookin' to buy...

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Hello All,
Have been looking for some items for quite some time and have not found them... Here is the List:

• Apple IIc/IIc +
• Macintosh Color Classic I/II
• PowerBook 270c (NOT 280c)
• PowerBook 2300c
• TAM - Twentieth Anniversary Mac
• Apple IIc LCD
• Apple II Plus - A2S1/A2S2 - XXXX-XXXXXX

Please let me know if any of you have these items ( I thought it would be best to just have a sort of want to buy list and not make individual posts, obviously)... I can trade for rare items and just about anything else Mac, you name it I probably have it... Well, please let me know if any of you can help me out.

Thanks So Much!