WTF??!! "Bus Error"??!!

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I have an SE/30 running 7.5.3. I've installed the Mode32 control panel, and hooked up a Midi Interface.

Now, whenever the screensaver (Pyro!) starts, I get a random "Bus Error". I initially thought this was because I had plugged in the MIDI to the Printer port instead of the modem, but I fixed that. So here we go:

1). What is a "Bus error"? Is it dependant on the screensaver?

2) Do I need Mode32 to address the ram? I noticed under the Memory Control Panel it has an option to engage 32 bit addressing, so I think this might be the problem.

3) Would it be worth it to replace the internal (30MB) hard drive with the guts of my bigger, 256MB hard drive, and then switch the case?

Please help.


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Per #3, you just switch the d

Per #3, you just switch the drive itself. Nothing of the guts can be swapped with any useful effect. It's been discussed here recently. If the 256MB drive is a 3.5" SCSI drive it'll swap (as a whole) just fine.


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