MicroMat SoundMaker key problem

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I recently recovered a copy of SoundMaker from one of my older drives. I have the folder, with the App, the engine, and a folder full of effects. I aldo have a Preferences folder that has two preferences files in it and the key for this product.

I cannot find any original doc - long since gone.

When I try to save a sound with this application, it tells me that I need to have a full version to save. Apparently it does not like where the license key is and I know the key is valid. I have tried keeping the key file in the Preferenced folder, in SoundMaker folder inside the Preference folder, and in the SoundMaker folder in which the app actually lives.

If anyone out there is familiar with this app, please let me know if I have missed anything here.

As far as the drive I recovered this from, I cannot recover the file structure to see where this file was stored.



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Many apps have hidden registr

Many apps have hidden registration files or are mapped to specific hardware traits in your old machine. So, you would either need to reinstall it or deassemble your old version and put a few links around some assmebly entries...


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