Looking for a web-designer...

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Hello All!
I am looking for web-designer who MUST Have the following skills:
• Flash MX (For a Mildly Simple Pre-site loader)
• HTML (If you don't have this you will not be considered Smile
• CGI Skills (For a Search and Login System - Simply versions)
• Back-end site work

Would Also Like to have (Not needed):
• XML Skills
• Java Skills

Must be able to offer the following:
• Payment plan (or Trade for Mac items or Apple Stock)
• Create within 1-6 Weeks
• QUALITY WORK (IE Not Templates, nor FrontPage Stuff)

If there is some that can do the Above PLEASE PM (or e-mail )me...

--NOTE: I did not know if this was the right forum section so please forgive me (Admins)

Thanks All!
Mark Jozaitis

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Re: Looking for a web-designer...

macsruscomputers.com wrote:

• CGI Skills (For a Search and Login System - Simply versions)
• Back-end site work

You may consider posting what kind of CGI systems you have available. CGI is a generic term, and the differences between say, Perl and PHP are remarkably broad Wink

You might also want to give more detail on exactly what you expect, as you're mentioning a time frame within your request.

Personal opinion-wise, I'd also say ditch the idea for flash. It's bandwidth intensive and (excuse the bluntness) reeks of 'oooh...shiny' web design syndrome. Since you've mentioned no Frontpage, I'd assume you want to keep away from bloated code which has trouble running on older browsers. Once again, just my personal opinion.

Just out of interest, what scripting languages are available on your web server? Are you hosting through someone else or do you have full control on what to run on it? Are there any database servers available on it?



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Well, I would agree with the

Well, I would agree with the Flash after testing it on a 56k Dial-up modem... Well, we can also rule out the CGI work too since my service is a "Horrible Waste of time and money" I am using Yahoo! GeoCites Business level for a new site that I am working on, it does NOT Support ANY Back-ending on ANY Level... I would not mind paying to have the site a back-end but I have NO Idea about the c-panel and SQL/mySQL... I only know web-design on a code only level. I am not doing this for my current Main site (www.macsruscomputers.com) but for another company that I will be starting that makes 3rd party Macintosh Products, and I can NOT go to much into details with out haveing you sign an Non-Disclosure form ... But now we have simplified this to SIMPLY Website work and set up... PM me if you would like more info, I will send you a link of whats already done.

Mark J.

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Have you looked into a shell acount?

I know eskimo.com will point a url (for a fee) to your public_html folder, or a specified directory with in it.

They have postgreSQL, perl, php and a lot of other stuff with their Shell accounts.

There's a how to on using HTACCESS wich would take care of your login needs.

Eric Jorgensen wrote a tutorial on setting up the postgreSQL database and setting up tables within it to use as a backend for a catalog.

Also you'll get an anonymous ftp directory, and 2 mail lists.