Trouble accessing AF on shaw cable?

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well, as the topic says, I'm having trouble accessing applefritter using my shaw cable connection, here in southern BC.

I attempt to access, and it tells me that the site does not exist.

looks like some kind of DNS issue to me, I'm currently surfing through an anonymizer proxy just to get here, and it's rather annoyhing to keep doing it this way.

right now, I'm having a friend look up the AF IP to see if it works to get here, but I was wondering if anyone else was having this bizarre issue.

I don't know why it's doing this, but there are several sites that I cannot access for some reason.

I'm calling Shaw tomorrow to see what the problem is, and hopefully I can get it resolved.

anyway, post if you have issues getting to applefritter.



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Moi, aussi

I've posted before about having trouble getting on AF from home, and someone else here posted in the last couple days that they were blocked.

It's a weird one for me, because no PC or Mac running Pre-OS X in the house can access Applefritter, but my G3 can, only when running 10.3, and oddly enough my briefly-owned Newton could. I've tried different hardware routers, too.

My guess is it's something at Digital Forest that's blocking certain traffic from accessing Applefritter, but only a guess. I had my nephew access AF and he's on the same ISP, so it's not that. My IP is dynamic, so it's not that - and that wouldn't explain why the G3 on 10.3 can still access.

I still use my PC for browsing AF, but I too have to go through an anonymous proxy.

What's your setup, and have you tried accessing from OS X?

edit: My some point I'd entered the anonymous proxy I use on the PC into OS X's TCP preferences...I still have zero access to AF without using an anon. proxy.


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Re: Trouble accessing AF on shaw cable?

Clinton wrote:

well, as the topic says, I'm having trouble accessing applefritter using my shaw cable connection, here in southern BC.

I'm in Victoria and can get to AF just fine from both my home and work connections. I did have some trouble with Shaw accessing a couple sites a couple weeks back, tragically including Google and Applefritter.

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Shaw DNS Servers

Here in Calgary, I notice that the DNS servers for Shaw Cable ( and go out from time to time. (Notice I have them memorized, that should tell you something Wink). I think it's due to the incredible amount of traffic on Shaw's network in Southern Alberta/Southern BC. I have no troubles getting anywhere with Telus or Bell, but I have heard & experienced nothing but horrible service from Shaw.


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