Question for a novice CC hacker

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Hi there,
As I am slightly novice to the CC hacks I would like to ask a question:
Can I fit a Performa 5200 logic board into a CC and what other mods should I expect to do?

Thanx for the advice Smile

(I have a 5200 board spare because I turned the 5200 into a Perfoma G4 Wink with a high res screen and Desktop G3 board with ZIF 500 MHz)

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OK I check out the pages etc. but I am not too sure, I think the pages make it out to be harder than it realy is... I think the bit I haven't quite got the hang of yet is the issue of wiring. I have the harness of the 5200 but I would have thought it would be quite straight forward... Maybe I am dreaming Smile

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ok lets go!

OK I have the CC open, I have the 5200 board, the 5200 wiring harness, and all the other parts of the 5200 just in case...
I have so far worked out the I shall have to somehow connect the old analog board plug to the new harness (supply, CRT, etc.) I can't figure the diagrams out on the site mentioned above in the thread, they are for a 630 and I am not sure it is the same as the 5200 harness...
Help would be much appreciated Wink

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Other question

will a performa 475 board slot staight in? like the 575

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In a Word...

No. The 475 board lacks the edge connector of the 575 board. The following boards just slide right in the way the original CC mobo does:

575 (and Performa 577, 578)

The 520 is no upgrade from the CC. The 550 makes it equivalent to a CCII. The 575 makes it a "Mystic," an '040-based machine.

The following boards slide in if you do the chassis modding required for a Takky conversion:

580 (and Performa 588)
630 (and 631, 636, 640)
52xx series
62xx series
53xx series
63xx series

Some of these need additional modding to work (i.e. 6360, 5400 and 6400 need 3.3V power line via second PSU or voltage regulator). In addition, the consensus opinion is that doing a Takky mod makes sense only if you're using a mobo from a 6360, 5400, 6400, 5500 or 6500. But it can be done with any of the above boards.


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I think I shall go for the 5200 it is all I have at the moment, I wont hack the case though (for the time) then I find a better board I shall be able to change...

Just to get the wiring right I basicaly have to connect the analog board conector to the 5200 wiring.. yes? I have read all sorts about IDE issues but they confuse me, if I leave the IDE as is it should be OK... Well here we go... I'll keep you posted... Wink

thanx for the help...